Why Use a Senior Real Estate Specialist - Part One

There are lots of real estate agents in our area, and most of them do a great job.  They are nice people, they work hard, and they want to do the best they can do for each of their clients.  But most real estate agents are generalists—they don’t specialize in any area of real estate, because they don’t want to limit themselves.

But by specializing in nothing, they are left with a knowledge base that is very broad and very shallow.

I believe that there are enough circumstances that are unique to older adults moving that they deserve to have a real estate agent who specializes in their needs and circumstances.  Let me give you an example from my own family’s history.

My grandmother was 90 and living alone in Florida when she decided it was time to move closer to her children.  Her children were all at least 10 hours away by car.  She was an extremely capable and smart lady (not to mention fun and the best grandmother ever), so she basically moved herself.  She found her own realtor, sold her car, packed up, sold, or gave away all of her things, and moved up to North Carolina.  But, it turns out she was more overwhelmed by the move than she was willing to let on.  We discovered later that she had just thrown all of her family history in the trash—including all of her photo albums and photos, of relatives through generations.   She felt very bad about it later, and certainly her children, my father and aunt, very much wish she had given them those pictures and albums.  If she had hired a senior real estate specialist, the person could have talked her through what she needed to do in order to move, and suggested bringing in an organizer or senior move specialist to help her.  That person would’ve made sure that my grandmother kept the things that were most important to her.

Most people only make a big downsizing move once in their lives, so they don’t have the benefit of experience and learning from their mistakes to make sure they do it right.  But if they use a senior real estate specialist, they can benefit from that person’s wisdom and experience.

If you live in the Washington, DC area (DC, MD or VA), I can help.  If you live outside of the DC area, I would be happy to refer you to a senior real estate specialist inyour area.