39% of buyers find their homes on-line.  We market heavily on-line to reach all possible buyers.  Click here to see a list of our presence on-line.  We also list your home in the MLS (multiple listing service), the single most important tool to getting your home sold.   It is a private service used by real estate professionals to share listings with one another to locate buyers more quickly than they could on their own.

I only use professional photography to market your home.  Studies indicate that professionally photographed homes tend to sell faster and for more money.  Not only do the professionals we use have the best equipment, for the sharpest and best pictures, but they have experience in framing and lighting your home in the most appealing way possible.

I create a personalized property brochure for every home that I sell.  These brochures are available inside and outside of your home to ensure that your home stands out in the market.

With your permission, I will hold open houses for your home on a regular basis until it sells.  Open houses bring in more buyers (because no agent or appointment is needed), and the publicity around them generates extra interest in your home.


Pricing your home correctly is so important.  If your home is overpriced, it could sit on the market and grow stale, leading to necessary price drops, which ultimately result in your home selling for less than it could have if priced correctly from the start.  If your home is underpriced, you could be leaving money on the table.  To price each home, I start with a mathematical formula that weighs the prices of recently sold comparable homes, tax assessments, and square footage.  Then I take into account where the market currently is and where it's likely headed in order to recommend a price range for your home.  But ultimately, you have the final say on the price at which we list your home for sale.

I communicate with you on a regular basis, so you don’t have to wonder what’s happening with the sale of your home.  I also use a professional call center to schedule showings of your home, to make sure no showings fall through the cracks.  I ask each agent who tours your home to complete a survey giving us feedback on the showing of your home, and I share all feedback we receive with you.


When you begin to receive interest and offers on your home, I will negotiate on your behalf to assure you get the best terms and price possible for your home.  As we move towards settlement, I will continually follow up with the buyers' agent and loan officer to make sure everything will culminate in a smooth settlement process.