Organizers - Just That Simple

There are quite a few professions you may not realize even exist, especially in the realm of helping people ready a home for sale.  As part of my commitment to seniors, who may need extra help with a move, I have been meeting with organizations that offer different kinds of help to people who need or want to move.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Judy Tiger a few weeks ago.  She’s the owner of Just That Simple, a home and office organizing business based in the DC Metro Area.  Judy grew up in a Foreign Service family, and has a lot of experience with moving.  Her goal is to come into a home and help people sort through all of their belongings and decide what to do with them.  This isn’t necessarily a service just aimed at people who are getting ready to move—sometimes someone is so overwhelmed by all the stuff in their home that it helps to bring someone in just to reclaim and enjoy their space again.

Judy typically comes into someone’s home for at least 4 hours at time, though she reduces that time down to two hours if someone is elderly or seems easily fatigued.  She goes through their belongings, with their feedback and involvement, and sorts things into piles (typically the piles might be trash, donate, keep, and sell).   She then arranges for the things to be trashed, donated, kept, etc.). She said she often helps people designate piles for each of their children, if they are moving out of a longtime residence and into something smaller.  If the client is moving, she will sort things into color-coded boxes for them, for easier unpacking.  Sometimes the task can be accomplished in one visit, and sometimes multiple or on-going visits are needed.

If you’re interested in learning more about Judy and Just That Simple, you can go to her website at