Patio Homes in Leisure World

Leisure World of Maryland has many different home styles, as I covered here. One of the most popular is their patio homes. That’s what they call their single-story, rambler-type homes. They are sometimes part of a duplex or tri-plex, or sometimes stand completely detached. Some have one or two-car garages, other don’t have a garage.

As I mentioned in the general article about Leisure World, homes and building in Leisure World are organized into Mutuals (what they call their neighborhoods). Each mutual has its own Board of Directors, its own rules and regulations, and its own way of setting the monthly condo fee. If you live in a patio home, you will still pay a monthly condo fee, because you are still getting the services and amenities that you do on other parts of Leisure World’s campus. Lawn maintenance, snow removal, water, basic cable, and all the amenities that Leisure World has to offer. The patio homes’ monthly fee also includes all utilities. The monthly fee for the patio homes is typically somewhere between $550 - $750 a month. When you consider everything this fee covers, that is quite a bargain!

The patio homes were constructed in the 1970s, though many have updated kitchens and bathrooms. Most of them have a patio, and a sunroom or screen porch. Some have fireplaces. They have either two or three bedrooms. At the moment of my writing this article, the current patio home listings range in price from 250K – 499K. Most of the mutuals that contain the patio homes have looser pet restrictions than the high-rise condominiums, with many allowing more than one cat or dog, without dog weight restrictions.

I get lots of questions about patio homes. They are a very popular housing style in Leisure World. A lot of the questions I get revolve around floor plans, so I’ll attach several different floorplans of the patio homes at the end of this article. If you are interested in possibly buying a patio home in Leisure World, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be happy to help!

Sample Leisure World Floor plans