Moving is never easy, but for older people the process can be especially overwhelming.  If you want or need to move, don’t let the enormity of the task paralyze you into having to stay where you are.  I specialize in helping seniors move, and am a Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP).  I excel in all the normal tasks a realtor accomplishes, such as the ones listed here.

I also offer a unique range of services for older people. These are services such as:

  • A personal consultation - I sit down with you to determine your needs, wants, housing options, and timeline.
  • Tours of homes and retirement communities - I help you determine what options are available that meet your current needs and wants.  I then schedule, provide transportation, and assist with touring the various options.  If personal tours are not possible, I will provide high quality photos, video tours, and video interviews in order for you to have reliable information about communities and housing options.
  • Preparing your home for sale - I assist you with preparing your home for sale by making recommendations about upgrades that would increase the value and marketability of your home.  Should you choose to make cosmetic modifications, I assist you with locating and scheduling reputable vendors, acquiring and negotiation of bids, and providing guidance throughout the process.
  • Coordination of services and closing information - The real estate transaction alone often involves as many as 15 different entities, and when you add in communication with various other service providers, the process can seem overwhelming.  I handle the coordination of all details.
  • Assistance with contract knowledge, understanding, and negotiation - In the past, real estate transactions often took place with only a handshake.  This isn't the case today.  Contracts and disclosures, title insurance and home warranties, inspections and appraisals all make for a sometimes complicated process.  I proved detailed written information and explanation of how the process works, as well as personal guidance through every step of the transaction.

Some clients find themselves in need of professionals outside the scope of what I do as a real estate agent.  I can assist you with locating and scheduling reputable vendors and professionals to help with other details of your move such as:

  • Sorting, organizing and distributing household goods and family memories
  • Packing and moving
  • Estate sales or auctions
  • Home repairs and lawn care
  • Thorough house cleanings
  • New home set-up
  • Removal of boxes and packing material
  • Tax advisors
  • Attorneys
  • Financial Planners

You are not alone in this process.  As your realtor, I will not only sell your home for the best terms and most money possible, but I will work to make sure you don't feel overwhelmed by the move itself.  I’ve got you covered!